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June 6, 2022

Uses and Abuses of the Defense Production Act

With President Biden beginning this week by invoking the Defense Production Act (this time, to build solar panels) we figured it’s time to take a look at what happened to the DPA during COVID Mania, and explore how it has been used (abused) since March of 2020.

For starters:

The Defense Production Act is a federal law that was enacted in 1950 after the commencement of the Korean War. 

The explanation of the bill, via Congress, goes as follows:

“To establish a system of priorities and allocations for materials and facilities, authorize the requisitioning thereof, provide financial assistance for expansion of productive capacity and supply, provide for price and wage stabilization, provide for the settlement of labor disputes, strengthen controls over credit, and by these measures facilitate the production of goods and services necessary for the national security, and for other purposes.”

In short, these are emergency powers granted to the executive with a precedent for being enacted during an actual war. These powers allow the president to compel private companies to work with the government on developing material goods that are supposed to be used for national security purposes. 

During COVID Mania, the DPA has been routinely abused for our manufactured national emergency. 

Let’s take a look at how the DPA has been utilized to “fight the virus.”

March 27, 2020: President Trump defines ventilators and PPE as “essential to the national defense,” and orders GM to start producing ventilators. The move came with bipartisan insistence. We later discovered that ventilators were possibly killing COVID patients. 
Grade: F

April 2, 2020: President Trump invokes the DPA to compel several American companies to produce N95 masks. 

Masks don’t work, though.
Grade: Hysteria Sells

April 28, 2020: President Trump issues an executive order via the DPA to combat food insecurity and “to ensure a continued supply of protein to Americans.” 
Grade: Shrug Emoji

January 21, 2021: President Biden invokes the DPA to pursue a “sustainable public health supply chain.”
Grade: Total Scam

March 2, 2021: Biden uses the DPA to give money to Merck so that they can produce more Johnson & Johnson COVID injections
Grade: Facepalm Emoji

September 2021: Biden invokes the DPA to supply fire hose materials to California, citing the climate hoax, because Gavin Newsom’s regime did not effectively manage California’s forests.
Grade: Avoidable Crisis

May 18, 2022: Biden uses the DPA to import baby formula from overseas because American supply became catastrophically short.
Grade: Cringeworthy 

June 6, 2022: Biden issues DPA to advance the climate hoax narrative and give government funds to solar panel companies that otherwise would go bankrupt due to the unproductive nature of their businesses.
Grade: Boondoggle

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