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June 3, 2022

Fauci Goes to Princeton

Last month, I went to Princeton to protest the University’s “Class Day” speaker, Tony Fauci. It astounded me that students would invite someone who stole over two years of their college experiences and young lives. By selecting Fauci, Princeton students showed that they’re celebrity worshipers, not critical thinkers. 

The students certainly didn’t vet Fauci by reading RFK Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci, which reveals how corrupt, hostile and destructive this Napoleonic tyrant is. The Princeton grads I know are all Groupthinkers. Most tend not to speak well in English, much less in a second language. Like Fauci, they’re very overrated.

I was among a dozen protesters who displayed signs as we stood on the Nassau Street sidewalk just outside the campus gates. My sign had two sides, One side said, “Vaxxes Did Not Stop the Spread.” The other side said, “Hopkins Study (February, 2022): Fauci Lied.” 

Fauci recently claimed that lockdowns, masks, tests and “vaccines” had saved many lives. The Hopkins study shredded this notion and observed that Faucist “mitigation” strategies have caused tremendous, lasting harm.

Many drivers who passed us honked approvingly. Numerous strangers approached and expressed agreement with us or passed by with thumbs up. Some said they bought the fear for a month until they began to change their minds. I’ve heard that often, and never understood it. The powergrab was obvious from Day 1. Why lock down healthy people for the first time in human history when only a tiny fraction of some very old, very sick people had—at least purportedly—died from this infection? 

Lockdowners never presented evidence that would have sustained a reasonable burden of proof. Allowing Coronamania to begin, unchallenged, was a massive error. Once this started, it became entrenched. 

While many Americans complain, only a tiny percentage will actively protest. I’ve been to half a dozen Corona rallies over the past two years. Most were lightly attended. It’s pathetic that so many Americans have passively tolerated this nonsense. 

I asked those who heard the speech and mocked Fauci when we met by the campus entrance if they had booed him. They said they didn’t. When I asked why, they said they didn’t want to upset other people; as if, after having seen the world opportunistically, permanently damaged by 27 months of Faucism, booing would have been indelicate. People accepted profound mistreatment in order to avoid conflict. 

After all this time, some fools still buy Coronamania. Some ceremony-goers walked past, wearing masks. A few cast disapproving glances that they mistakenly thought would bother us protesters. Some passersby also muttered unintelligibly. A fellow protester noted, “They always say shit as they’re walking away.”

We protesters were kept too far from the speech to hear it. So I read the text on-line. First, though others have lambasted Fauci’s AIDs work, Fauci portrayed himself as a heroic public servant during that era. Second, he asserted that systemic racism caused Covid to kill more minorities. Finally, he warned that Covid showed us to avoid purveyors of “misinformation.” 

Fauci delivered a self-revealing meta-message to college grads: when your work product sucks, gaslight and resort to name-calling and PC demagoguery. His stated concern about misinformation is painfully ironic, as it comes from someone who has lied his way through the past two years and, according to peers, many years prior.

Playing the race card, Fauci pointed out that minorities unfairly had to work during the pandemic because many were “essential workers.” But didn’t Fauci recommend that essential workers should continue working? Do the stats back his facile claim that too many minorities were essential workers; weren’t there tens of millions of White essential workers? And how many healthy, working-age people—of any race or ethnicity—died of Coronavirus? Facts don’t constrain Fauci. He’s the consummate tropester. And he was playing to a trope-hungry crowd. 

Further, while I know the vaxxes are ineffective at best, Fauci still inaccurately maintains that the vaxxes work great. He often lied that those who didn’t vaxx had created “a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.” Yet, during his speech he declined to mention the lower vaxx rates among minorities, despite that the shots were aggressively promoted, and free. A disproportionate number of minorities, cf., majority populations, defied Fauci’s exhortation and astutely knew not to go along. 

The Eighteenth Century British writer, Samuel Johnson, and Bob Dylan both said that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” The same is true of Fauci’s showy anti-racism. To obscure his venal misconduct and terrible record, Fauci touts himself as a champion of minorities. But how many urban/rural minorities does Fauci know? Do you think his kids went to school with Hispanic or Black kids? Doesn’t he think he’s better, and deserves to be paid far more, than minority essential workers?

Fauci also neglected to mention a May 5, 2022 Harvard study that predictably concluded that the Covid school closures he endorsed had disparately harmed minority students.

Hearing the biggest liar since Pinocchio call others “misinformers” is gruesome. Aside from his demonstrably false statements about the vaxxes’ purported effectiveness and safety, and the lockdown and school closure effects, Fauci also said masks worked, although all serious evidence shows they don’t.

Fauci also stated that he didn’t fund gain-of-function research, though he did. He repeatedly relied on high cycle PCR tests to measure “cases,” when even the test’s inventor, Kary Mullis, and the NY Times said that they shouldn’t be. Additionally, Fauci wrongly predicted that motorcycle rallies and college football games would be super-spreader events. All of these assertions—and many more—were obvious misinformation.

A decent attorney or interviewer would easily expose Fauci’s pervasive dishonesty. But he’s hidden himself from those who know what a fraud he is, and the bought media has never asked him any serious questions. He’s repeatedly lied for 27 months while making a series of absurd recommendations that some people, like Princeton grads, still somehow take seriously. A Class Day website photo shows the fully-jabbed graduating sheep giddily bumping elbows with their diminutive Dear Leader. 

A brush with someone famous! I must post this on Instagram! Dopamine rush! I am…somebody! 

Twenty-seven months into this, a mandated truth-serum injection might have prompted Fauci to make the following remarks, instead of those he actually made:

Esteemed, albeit naive, Class of 2022, et al.: 

I know that your college experience sucked. You sat in front of screens most of the time and you could’ve done that at home. Two years that should have been special are gone forever. But eff you all. Your entire generation is expendable. I wanted to oust Trump. He deserved it because he was too stupid to know I was spouting nonsense and he let me run the show. 

Two weeks to flatten the curve; wear double masks; take tests that yield up to 90% false positives; avoid funerals and cancel weddings because you might spread “droplets;” ignore natural immunity and take your mandated jabs, even if they’ve not only failed but are injuring and even killing people; and boost up multiple times—I’ll tell you how many. Becauss (I pronounce that word oddly) I’m the Soy-ence! (That word, too). 

You believed all that, and much more, without asking any questions. Because that’s what excellent college students, such as those at Princeton, do. It’s more important to have people like you than it is to seek the truth. How do you express that aphorism in Latin? (This is an allusion to a pretentious/whimsical Princeton tradition).

I’ve loved this two-year power trip. I always wanted to be on TV and I got to do that often with fawning, mindless, bought interviewers. I even got to throw a ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. I’ll bet you didn’t know I consider myself a good athlete.

I’ve become a multi-millionaire working for the government despite doing an awful job. Although I’m elfin, evil and dishonest, people bow down to me because I dish out the grant money that’s the lifeblood of academic sycophants. Whatever you end up doing, try to make and control a lot of cash, congratulate yourself and speak in PC cliches. If you do, you can con people into calling you “successful” and even an “expert” and a “public servant.” Class of 2022, you’re ideally suited to become tools who just might worsen the deep, vast damage I’ve done. But I doubt you can top me. 

So long, suckers. As Otter said at the end of that college movie classic, Animal House, “You effed up. You trusted us.”